A Word From Our Friends

What Friends say:

“Thank you for changing my life”

“Since I discovered ETAT I have not self-harmed”

“Before I found ETAT I had not left my flat for four years”

“Smoothing the clay is like one of the exercises they told me to do for my fingers, but it`s more interesting”

“I look forward to going to ETAT all the rest of the week. It makes the other days bearable”

“The only time I have a meal with anyone else is at ETAT”

“The Encouragers are lovely. I said `I can`t draw`, and they, well, just encourage me and now I can. I love it”

“I love the sing-a-longs. I love singing but I don`t do it on my own”

“The doctor says my memory has improved since I have been going to ETAT”

“I have made new friends and I have a best friend who I go to tea with”.

Encouragers benefit too:

“I wake up and think: today I am going to teach someone to knit”.

“My heart lifts as soon as I go in the door and everyone says hello and looks so pleased to see me”

“I was a teacher in my working life but I have never had such an appreciative class”

“When I leave they sing: `So long, farewell, I`m leaving you…` and I go away with a smile on my face”

“I am a published poet and I and recite poems at the Club. The audience is very appreciative and it encourages me to write more”.